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Stardust Cash, "Shug", is 15.3 hands, 9 years old, almost 10. She is granddaughter to Coin's Hard Cash and Pride's Generator. Middle of the totem pole in the herd and incredibly sweet. She hadn't been ridden or messed with in a year and a half due to hers and her primary rider's pregnancies. But when brought out to work, she acted like it had only been a couple of weeks, was nervous but tuned in quickly and remembered all her training. She loves to go on the trails, but does like to decide where she is going and can give a bit of a fit, nothing dangerous, throws the head tries to turn the way she wants to go, so typically small quick circles she will get back on track. 

She doesn't like to trailer, its 50/50 if she will load right away or not, but its never taken us more than 20 minutes to load her. We've been meaning to work with her on that, just haven't had the time.

She is only leaving because she is not cut out for our breeding program. She is not a good mama, fully rejected her foal, didn't produce enough milk, and due to the shape of her lady parts he got an infection in utero and had to have a plasma infusion after birth. She is an awesome trail horse, just not a good breeding mare.

She is a great confidence boosting horse, would be suitable for an advanced beginner or intermediate rider.

Asking $5000

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