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Will, the Gordon's oldest son. He is the farm manager, slowly learning and taking on more responsibility as Bill starts stepping back.


Liam, Will and Cathryn's oldest son and Bill and Sherry's first grandchild. He is the tractor inspector and supervisor. He also loves to help his Dad and Papaw around the farm.

Bill and Sherry Gordon, the ones who started it all. They are the patriarch and matriarch of the farm, who we all lean on and rely on. Sherry is our Doberman breeder and trainer.


Cathryn, Will's wife. She is the horse trainer, Australian Shepherd breeder and trainer, and pig handler on the farm, helping Will in the barns when she can, while also raising their two young sons.


David, Will and Cathryn's second son and Bill and Sherry's second grandchild. He is the official snuggler for the farm, making sure everyone takes the occasional break by refusing to let them lay him down for a nap.

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