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Masterpiece and Motion and Faith in the Sword are bred to Roan Lights McCurdy for fall 2023 babies.

Coin's Rustic Perfection, "Rusty", foaled May 29, 2022 out of Coin Dealer, by He's Absolut Perfection. She is a doll, already loves being with people and showing great promise with her early training. Born bay, has turned into a bay roan when she shed her foal coat. She comes from amazing bloodlines with Lined with Cash as her grandfather.

She is priced at $6,000.

Cashing in My Stars, "Cash", foaled September 15, 2022 out of Stardust Cash, by He's Absolut Perfection. He is a sweet stud colt, eager to be with you and tries to understand what you are asking of him in training. He is a sorrel with the potential of a flaxen tail. He shares similar bloodlines with Rusty, also having Lined with Cash as his grandfather.

He is priced at $1,500

McCurdy's Faithful Sword, "Dagger", foaled September 13, 2023 out of Faith in the Sword, by Roan Lights McCurdy. He is a pure black colt and will roan out when he sheds, making him a blue roan. He is going to be a looker. Dagger has a fiesty and strong personality. He already is showing signs of being an amazing racking horse. He is grandson to 4 time World Grand Racking Champion, High Sword. He should do well in the show ring.

He is priced at $7,000 at weaning.

McCurdy's Masterpiece in Ashes, "Ash", foaled September 7, 2023 out of Masterpiece in Motion, by Roan Lights McCurdy. She is a blue roan with a white blaze and sock. She is in credibly sweet, though can be standoffish when she feels like it. She is already showing some beautiful movement and loves to go fast! She is great granddaughter to Jose Jose and is almost the spitting image of her mama.

She is priced at $6,000 at weaning.

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