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Our goal is to provide the best quality service and animals to our customers. We raise Tennessee Walkers, Doberman Pinschers, KuneKunes, and grow hay. We typically only have a couple foals or litters a year to ensure that they get the best possible care as they grow and the best possible training we can provide before they go to their forever homes. 

All our Tennessee Walkers are registered and come from some amazing bloodlines, primarily Jose Jose, Coin's Hard Cash, and Pride's Generator. We start weaning around 4-6 months of age, based on the foal's progress and growth.

Our Doberman Pinschers are European bred, mainly Czech and German. They are high drive and given lots of love and exposed to children and the smells of a farm. The mother is shown in Obedience and Rally.

Our KuneKunes are friendly and given lots of attention, interacting with us multiple times throughout the day and exposed to children and dogs. We are happy to offer British lines, with one of our sows being Kereopa bloodlines. We plan on offering pure British lines starting 2025.


The hay we offer is Timothy and Alfalfa, with some Orchard grass at times. We strive to grow the best quality hay we can. 

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